How to Stop Chewing Your Nails?

Answer According to Brain Physics, onychophagia is the technical name for compulsive nail biting. Constant nail biting may be a symptom of deeper problems such as stress and anxiety. Regardless of why you... Read More »

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I cant stop chewing my nails?

I have the same problem, I find it gross, what I do it dip them in warm milk for about 2 minutes. (It softens them, and cleans them better then water) Then, put nail polish on them. Each time the p... Read More »

How to Stop Your Rabbit Chewing on Your Washing Machine Hoses?

So you got caught up in the popular House Rabbit craze.  Your rabbit is cute, cuddly and chews on anything that moves, including your shoes - while you are still in them.  Rabbits are so persiste... Read More »

How to Stop a Cat from Chewing on Your Hair?

Meow! Meow! Are you tired of your cat getting saliva in your hair when it has a good chew? Even though it's a sign of affection, this habit can get annoying. Some cats are prone to doing this, for ... Read More »

How to Stop Biting or Chewing your Fingernails?

Many people have the bad habit of biting their fingernails. If you want to grow your nails, or just stop this nasty habit, use the tips in this article to get you on the road to healthy finger nail... Read More »