How to Stop Chapped Lips?

Answer Chapped lips are a problem for many people on occasion. For some people it is a chronic problem. Dry, chapped and cracked lips are uncomfortable and noticeable by others. The causes of chapped lips... Read More »

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How do i stop chapped lips without using chap stick?

use vasaline, dont lick, drink more water.

Chapped lips!!! =(?

I once had the same thing, really sore dry chapped lips and i tried this before bed:rub your lips over very gently with a damp toothbrush to remove any dead skin. slather your lips with vaseline th... Read More »

Chapped Lips!!!?

Try chapstick, or vaseline lip balm. Keep your lips moist and stay out of the cold and out of the wind.Good luck,Dana

Chapped Lips!!!!!?

AQUAPHOR!!!!!!!!! omg it's sooo great it is very hydrating just apply to your lips and I little above your upper lip every night and go to sleep and when you wake up your lips will be hydrated! The... Read More »