How to Stop Bullying for Kids at Age Five?

Answer According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, at least half of all children will be the victim of bullying at some time in their lives. Of those, 10 percent will find themse... Read More »

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How to Stop Kids From Bullying at School?

Bullying is a serious offense and should be stopped or dealt with immediately. According to Kalamazoo College, bullies pick on or harass kids for a variety of different reasons, including to entert... Read More »

How to Make Kids Stop Bullying You if You're in Elementary School?

Every one goes through a stage when the Populars pick on you, and your life just goes downhill, right? So here's a way to get through this without making yourself look bad!

How to Stop Yourself from Bullying?

Bullying is a cruel thing...Are you a bully? Want to stop? Well then read here! Bullying is a cruel thing and people do not like it!

What has been done to stop bullying?

Bullying is a significant issue in the lives of young people. Bullying can involve physical attacks, verbal attacks and sometimes both. A vast number of children claim to have been bullied at some ... Read More »