How to Stop Bullying & Stand Up for Yourself & Others?

Answer Being bullied is something which can impact on many different areas of your life, making your school work and home life worse. Bullying is a feature of school life which many people have come to ac... Read More »

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How to Stand up Against Bullying Without Getting in Trouble?

Are you getting bullied? Are you shying away from telling someone? Think the bullying might get worse? Then here are some tips on how to stand up to bullies without getting in trouble:

How to Stop Yourself from Bullying?

Bullying is a cruel thing...Are you a bully? Want to stop? Well then read here! Bullying is a cruel thing and people do not like it!

How to Try & Stop Bullying?

There are many reasons why some children become bullies. They may do it for attention, power or to be popular among a group of friends. They may have been bullied themselves or may have witnessed a... Read More »

What has been done to stop bullying?

Bullying is a significant issue in the lives of young people. Bullying can involve physical attacks, verbal attacks and sometimes both. A vast number of children claim to have been bullied at some ... Read More »