How to Stop Buffering in Dial Up?

Answer Due to the relatively slow speeds of the average 56k connection, streaming video or audio content on a dial-up connection can be frustrating. Constant buffering is just one of the many problems tha... Read More »

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How to stop youtube from buffering?

You have FiOS? Then it is Youtube's problem, not yours.Youtube is having terrible troubles right now. The only fix in sight is to force your computer to connect to different youtube servers. This c... Read More »

How Do I Stop a Flash Video from Buffering?

Find the VideoSearch the computer's Internet browser search engine for the Flash video or movie website you wish to view. Type the name of the Flash video in the website search bar to locate. Depen... Read More »

How to Stop Internet Explorer From Starting Automatically With a Dial Up Connection?

Dial-up offers the slowest connection speed available with a maximum data transmission rate of 56 Kbps (kilobits per second). A variety of factors affect the performance and speed of your dial-up c... Read More »

If i put two dial up modems in my comp and dial up with two different phone lines will it be faster or?

It depends on your ISP. Around here, before broadband become relatively common, some ISPs would (for an extra charge, as I recall), allow you to set up two modems and dial in on both at the same t... Read More »