How to Stop Blur on an iPhone Camera?

Answer All Apple iPhones come with built-in cameras, and the quality of the images you shoot and what camera features you have to improve them will vary depending on which iPhone variant you own. Image bl... Read More »

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After Effects of Camera Motion Blur?

Camera motion blur occurs when a camera's shutter speed setting is too slow to compensate for the motion of the person holding the camera. While the severity of the blur depends on the lens, it bec... Read More »

Good camera for blur background?

It has more to do with the lens than the camera body.Get a Nikon D3100Get a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED lensMake photos zoomed in at 300 mm at least for portraits out doors. That would... Read More »

I had a bad migraine and over night my eye sight went blur and my glasses don't help its still blur!what wrong?

I have had similar experienecs. I have learned for myself that lymph constriction and blockages caused migranes in my neck at the base of my skull. This caused pressure and circulation changes to m... Read More »

Does unblocking or jailbreaking an iPhone 4 stop it from being tracked and Can the phone companies track an iPhone 4?

The iPhone will always have the capability of being tracked unless you take off the gps service which will not stop it from being track but make it less accurate