How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend?

Answer Do you find yourself getting nagging feelings of jealousy when your partner is talking to other girls? Do you worry that you’re smothering the relationship with your fears? To stop being an overl... Read More »

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What if your sons mother is your ex girlfriend and now she is threatening to stop you seeing your son because you have another girlfriend now?

As a biological father you have the right to be able to see and spend time with your son no matter what the mother thinks. If she wants to push the matter, you can take her to court and get custody... Read More »

How to Calm Down a Jealous Girlfriend?

Coping with a jealous girlfriend can be difficult. The sense of being constantly monitored and put under suspicion can kill all of the wonderful feelings that made you two fall in love. You don't w... Read More »

How to Behave With a Jealous Girlfriend?

Have you ever felt that feeling like you just wanted to shove a sock down your girlfriend's throat because she won't stop yapping about this "girl" who she's so jealous about? She'd fight you over ... Read More »

How to Deal With a Jealous Girlfriend?

Is your girlfriend driving you crazy because she is jealous of you ? Is she limiting your space, because she does not trust you ? And in spite of these all you still love her...? Do not worry, so... Read More »