How to Stop Being Jealous?

Answer Jealousy is when you react negatively towards the possibility of losing what you have to someone else. Unlike envy, it usually involves three people, rather than just two: you, the person who has w... Read More »

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How to Stop My Best Friend Being Jealous?

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How to Stop Being Jealous of Your Sibling?

A younger or older sibling is hard to compete against when they are cuter or smarter than you.

How to Stop Being Jealous of Younger Women?

As you grow older, sometimes you might catch yourself thinking: "Should I be jealous of all the younger women?" As you leave one decade of your life behind, it is easy to have a dreaded feeling of ... Read More »

How to Get a Guy to Stop Hating You for Making Him Jealous?

It's in a guy's nature to get jealous of something that he really likes or cares about and in this case it's you. Now guys aren't always tough so in the matter of getting jealous they might hold a ... Read More »