How to Stop Being Addicted to Food?

Answer Food addiction, like any other type of addiction, and can take over a person's daily routine. In many cases, those suffering from food addiction not only eat too much, but constantly think of eatin... Read More »

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I'm addicted to food how can i stop!?

You are not eating foodyou are snacking and eating empty caloriesthat is why your hungry all the time what you are eating fills you up for a while though not for longeat at least one good meal ever... Read More »

How can I stop being addicted to food?

food is a great thing. we all need it and it's one of life's pleasures. but when it's uncontrollable, there's a problem. do you know why you're addicted? food can be used for comfort and to escape... Read More »

I'm addicted to food! please please help!!!?

I dont think anyone on here can help you the way a therapist would sweetheart :(

What food/drink are you addicted to?

HiI love pizza,mc Donald's fries,cookies,jaffa cakes the list is endless.Have a nice day :-)