How to Stop Begging in RuneScape?

Answer Tired of people ignoring you when you are saying,"Need Money plz."? The people you are begging to have found their own ways of making money. Why can't you?

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Runescape Should I stop my 11yr old playing it?

I don't think the game itself is harmful, but I think your son is becoming adicted, fast. I think you should stop him playing it and tell him it's because of his behaviour - then when you let him b... Read More »

I am so begging for anybody to help me out ?

Your phone book will have suicide hotlines, just becareful not to say too much, or they will send someone to pick you up if they think your going to hurt yourself. I know it's kind ironic, that you... Read More »


Okay just did it! Hope you get the chance to meet her!

Please help I'm begging you!!?

"I do have Herpies Simplex 1"So why are you asking, then? Don't 'probably end up going to the doctor', go to the damn doctor.Seriously, do you have to run every trip to the loo by the good people o... Read More »