How to Stop Beard Growth?

Answer Some men have an excess in growth around their face in the beard area or a particularly thick beard that grows back very quickly. Also, some women have an issue with hair growth in this area. When ... Read More »

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Testosterone & Beard Growth?

Testosterone is a hormone found it both men and women. The hormone is more abundant in men and produces secondary sex characteristics such as muscle tone, body fat distribution and body and facial ... Read More »

How to Progress Beard Growth?

The progress of facial hair growth depends mainly on genetics, and some men simply grow beards faster than others. However, there are few things you can do to speed up the process, without undergoi... Read More »

How to Promote Beard Growth?

Many men want to be able to grow a thick, full beard or at least have enough hair to work with so that they can create a styled, manicured beard that suits their personality. The hormone testostero... Read More »

How to Stimulate Beard Growth for Men?

Males start growing facial hair when they begin puberty. Mustaches generally grow in early in the puberty years, then hair emerges on the cheeks and spreads across the chin into a beard. The speed... Read More »