How to Stop Bath Towels From Smelling?

Answer Bath towels start to smell when water remains in the fibers for long periods of time, which facilitates mold and bacteria growth. Over time, the mold (called mildew when on fabrics) grows and flour... Read More »

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How do I get rid of towel lint from red bath towels?

Use a CombWork a fine-toothed baby comb over the affected garment to remove lint left by red towels.Use a RazorRemove difficult red towel lint by running a safety razor over the garment. This is pa... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Towel Lint From Red Bath Towels?

Bath towels come in a rainbow of colors. Light red to burgundy-dyed bath towels can both serve their utilitarian purpose and add a splash of color to your bathroom. The towels' color makes lint---p... Read More »

How to Stop Colors Running From Towels?

New vibrantly colored towels can instantly liven up a dull bathroom, but new towel colors can cause problems in the laundry room. New towel colors can bleed and run in the washer and ruin other clo... Read More »

How to Make a Sweet-Smelling Bath?

Taking a sweet-smelling bath at the beginning or end of a long day can relax and soothe you. However, pouring a few tablespoons of regular bubble bath or soak into a tub does not always give you th... Read More »