How to Stop Bath Towels From Smelling?

Answer Bath towels start to smell when water remains in the fibers for long periods of time, which facilitates mold and bacteria growth. Over time, the mold (called mildew when on fabrics) grows and flour... Read More »

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How to Make a Sweet-Smelling Bath?

Taking a sweet-smelling bath at the beginning or end of a long day can relax and soothe you. However, pouring a few tablespoons of regular bubble bath or soak into a tub does not always give you th... Read More »

How Often Should I Change My Bath Towels?

Maytag washing machines must be serviced over time. Common problems, such as draining or spinning issues, can be quickly remedied with easy, troubleshooting tips. Bigger problems, like a drain leak... Read More »

How do I decorate bath towels?

LaceSew lace to the bottom of your bath towels to add a feminine touch. Look for lace that's made with a cotton/polyester mix. This type of lace tends to hold up longer and isn't inclined to tear a... Read More »

How often should bath towels be washed?

Towels that have been properly hung to dry between uses can be washed every three to four days on the hottest setting allowed by the label. Use non-chlorine bleach and no fabric softener in the was... Read More »