How to Stop Automotive Oil Leaks?

Answer Oil leaks are among the most common type of automotive leak. Oil leaks are usually found around the oil pan, the valve cover or the timing chain cover. However, oil can sometimes leak at the back o... Read More »

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How to Stop Auto Oil Leaks?

Oil is used to lubricate an automobile engine, automatic transmission, differential and other mechanical parts of a car. The most common oil leaks are from the valve cover of the engine. The valve ... Read More »

How to Stop Faucet Leaks?

Leaky faucets are not only a waste of water, they're a waste of money; every drop of water lost adds to your water bill. The majority of faucets use a cartridge system that utilizes a stem mechanis... Read More »

How to Stop Oil Leaks with Additives?

Mileage and age cause the components of your vehicle's engine to wear. This allows oil to leak from the engine gaskets and burn from worn piston rings. Adding additives to your engine can reduce th... Read More »

How do I stop leaks on a roof?

Provide Temporary ProtectionApply a heavy-duty plastic tarp to the roof if you cannot repair the leaking roof before or during a storm. The tarp is a temporary solution until the weather is fair.Re... Read More »