How to Stop Auto Oil Leaks?

Answer Oil is used to lubricate an automobile engine, automatic transmission, differential and other mechanical parts of a car. The most common oil leaks are from the valve cover of the engine. The valve ... Read More »

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How to Stop Leaks With Auto Transmission Additives?

There are a number of transmission additives on the market that a car owner can use to stop a transmission fluid leak. However, car owners should understand the limitations and applications of the ... Read More »

How to Find Auto Interior Leaks?

Having a leak inside your car's engine can create a lot of problems. If you notice decreased function of your car and suspect it is due to a leak, you can find leaks using an ultraviolet light. To ... Read More »

Tips on Auto Vacuum Leaks?

Engines are essentially self-sustaining air pumps, and they'll pump their chosen medium by whatever means they can. This means that air will flow through whatever hole it can, including, but obviou... Read More »

How to Seal Auto Oil Gasket Leaks?

The oil gasket surrounds the outside edge of the oil pan. The gasket ensures that oil doesn't leak from the pan. When the gasket isn't properly sealed, it can't perform its job. To seal the gasket ... Read More »