How to Stop Anxiety in Dogs?

Answer Dogs are pack animals by nature, and, without their pack, they can suffer from anxiety. When a dog is alone it may scratch carpet, chew linoleum flooring or trim, bark uncontrollably, whine, yelp, ... Read More »

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How to Reduce Anxiety in Dogs?

Anxiety is a natural response to intimidating situations that can lead to destructive, injurious behavior if the response isn't adequately addressed and eliminated. Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ag... Read More »

Dogs & Thunderstorm Anxiety?

Many dogs suffer from fear and anxiety whenever the weather gets bad. While it may look cute to owners, it really means that their pets are terrified. In addition to the increased stress and unhapp... Read More »

Anxiety Treatments for Dogs?

Anxious dogs not only are unhappy dogs, they can make for unhappy owners. Whether it's from separation or something else, anxiety often causes dogs to act out. They may bark uncontrollably, urinate... Read More »

Boxer Dogs & Separation Anxiety?

Boxers are large in size and that sometimes gives people the impression that they are tough and strong-willed. However, boxers are actually very loving and friendly dogs. They are also extremely lo... Read More »