How to Stop Answering Instant Messages from Your Crush So Quickly?

Answer People will start to think things when you're talking to them on AIM/MSN etc and you answer the very second they press 'enter'. Find out how to avoid seeming needy and desperate with this article:

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Delete Messages on Answering Machine: XSA975 Uniden Cordless phone/Answering Machine.?

Play the message. While playing, press and hold the delete button. Don't release the button until it announce 'message erased'.

What is the point of an answering service if they don't take messages?

I can relate to this, yes it would be so much easier to have an answering machine. I have yet in my whole life to actually get anyone from an answering service to call me back

What are some funny/good answering machine messages?

"Yes, you have reached the number you are calling"...or "hello, what do you want with me?"......"hi....we may not get back to you!!!"...get it????

How to Create Novelty Answering Machine Messages?

Novelty answering machine messages are all the rage if you don't mind callers scratching their heads. If you're a zany person and they know it, however, they'll expect nothing less!