How to Stock a Pond With Yellow Perch?

Answer A yellow perch is a cold water fish and it normally grows 4 to 6 inches in length. It has has a dorsal fin, and it's a member of the Percidae family. In the wild, yellow perch prefer relatively sha... Read More »

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Will the turtles in a pond eat the bass&perch?

Possibly. Turtles feed primarily on aquatic plants, but they may take small fish, snails and similar creatures if the opportunity presents itself. Adult bass may, in fact, feed on turtles.Reference... Read More »

How to Catch Yellow Perch?

Yellow Perch is a freshwater fish found in the United States and Canada. The yellow perch, commonly referred to as perch, has a body of a light yellow color with black vertical stripes. The fish ra... Read More »

Description of the Yellow Pond Lily?

Native to North America, the yellow pond lily, or spatterdock, is an aquatic perennial plant, meaning it dies off each winter and emerges once more from the roots each spring. Often planted as an o... Read More »

How to Stock Pond Fish?

Backyard ponds can provide more than just a pretty location in your landscape. When stocked with fish, these ponds can serve as a close-to-home fishing trip for the recreational sportsman. These po... Read More »