How to Stiffen Paper Crafts?

Answer Paper crafts such as origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, allow you to create animals, people, flowers, trees and other designs by manipulating paper. One of the drawbacks of using paper is ... Read More »

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Claw Paper Crafts?

With these paper claw crafts, you don't need to go on a bear hunt to see a claw up close. Claws are present on many animals, including mammals, birds and reptiles. These paper claw crafts can be ma... Read More »

Paper Grocery Bag Crafts?

After a large grocery shopping trip, your house is overflowing with paper bags galore. Instead of scrapping these into the trashcan or recycling bin, children can use their imaginations to transfor... Read More »

Canon 3D Paper Crafts?

The Canon company provides ways for consumers to produce quality photographs using their printing and digital camera products. Canon also has a website dedicated to creating quality 3D paper crafts... Read More »

3D Paper Sea Turtle Art Crafts?

Sea turtles are amazing creatures. Baby sea turtles make a harrowing journey from the beach where they hatch to the safety of deep ocean waters. If they survive and aren't eaten by predators, sea t... Read More »