How to Steer Shakes When Braking?

Answer If your car is shaking when your apply your brakes, there is something wrong with your vehicle. While having the ability to steer through the shaking is crucial to avoiding accidents, the shaking m... Read More »

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The Cruise Control Won't Stop When Braking a BMW 323?

Cruise control allows you to set a speed for your vehicle without having to constantly adjust the accelerator pedal. Under normal conditions, the cruise control on a BMW 323 should deactivate when ... Read More »

In which countries do people steer a car with the left hand when changing gear?

See the link below.Driving on the right is one of the biggest mistakes ever made, why it is a mistake has been kept a secret from more people than any other mistake in history, it is quite wron... Read More »

How did driving on the right ever begin when it forces people to steer with the left hand?

Yes you are right . I personally much prefer driving on the left , I think others changed just to be perverse back at the start of the 20 th century ...

Why do i get the shakes when i'm hungy and is it something i should be checking into..or what?

There is a cure for hunger chills, It's called food.What are you Anorexic? Everybody gets the shakes when they starve.