How to Steam Press a Dress Suit?

Answer The advent of the home steam press means you can press and clean your own dress suits easily and affordably. With a home steam press costing between $100 and $300, the item will quickly pay for its... Read More »

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How do I Steam Iron a Men's Suit?

The clothes that you wear to interviews, work, conferences or other events make an impression on others. Wrinkled or improperly ironed suits make an unprofessional and uncaring impression, while a... Read More »

How to Steam Press a Sweater or Other Knit Garment?

Washing, drying and storing a sweater or other knit garments can have horrible effects on the garment. If you have a sweater or other knit garment that has wrinkled, has fold lines or just looks mi... Read More »

I have recently purchased Steam Press. But I am not fully aware how to use it, particularly water part.?

Hope by steam press you mean an electric iron ejecting steam. Use only de-ionised /de-mineralised water for filling the iron. Harvested rain water or frost from a freezer chamber of a fridge are a... Read More »

Does this dress suit me?

i have to agree that the tied up part at your crotch really is a fashion disaster. Tie it off at the side. It's way too short for a dress though. People are going to wonder if you forgot your pant... Read More »