How to Stay in 3G Coverage?

Answer You can stay in 3G coverage while using your cell phone by following a few simple steps. The term "3G" is an abbreviation for the third generation of cellular technology. Many cell phone service pr... Read More »

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In Man coverage, do i stay in the inside of the receiver or play outside?

If you are the coverage man you stay outside, so he doesn't beat you long. If he is running a slant try to beat him to the spot and/or separate him from the ball grab his legs if he catches it. B... Read More »

If you have full coverage do you need UMPD coverage or will full coverage suffice if you are hit by an uninsured driver?

Answer you dont have to have umpd coverage if you have full coverage but most of the time on full coverage it has umpd and if you dont have umpd your collision will pay for fixing your vehicle but ... Read More »

Why is uninsured motorist coverage required in states that require liability coverage?

Answer UM (uninsured motorist) coverage is not required in all states that require liability coverage. However, UM is an important coverage in auto insurance because it steps in and pays for your b... Read More »

Does new medical insurance coverage automatically become the primary coverage?

Answer No, I'm checking on the CA State Law, but haven't found it yet. Here's the research I found so far.From Blue Cross Administrators ManualMedicare is the primary payor for employees age 65 or... Read More »