How to Stay Mentally Sharp While Unemployed?

Answer When people suddenly find themselves unemployed after long periods of working, many lose their lust for healthy living, interacting with others or simply getting up in the morning. Naturally, your ... Read More »

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How to Keep Mentally Sharp While Traveling?

You're driving down a long road. You've been in the car for 3 hours and you have another 16 to go. You're hot, tired and getting annoyed. What do you do?

How to Stay Mentally Strong?

Whether you're going through a hard time, you're depressed, or feeling down. Staying mentally strong can help overcome the downsides in life.

If a 16 year old girl who has been physically emotionally mentally and sexually abused runsaway can she stay at a stable household away from her parents even if her parents file a runaway charge?

Answerthe only way to secure your safety with this new family is to go to a sexual assualt counseler or human resources. Not to discourage you but this is a grueling process. Something I've experie... Read More »

I have sharp LC-22LEF20M,when i attached dvd to sharp led volume is low?

check the dvd player volume.....check audio cable .....................use another dvd.....maybe it is bad .