How to Stay Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Answer Social Security disability benefits provide a means of support for people with physical or mental conditions that prevent them from earning a living. Obtaining benefits is notoriously difficult. Ma... Read More »

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Who is eligible to file for social security disability?

You may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits if you have worked at jobs covered by Social Security, can no longer work because of a disability and have been or will be disabled for a... Read More »

How long must one work to be eligible for social security disability?

On One Hand: Eligibility Generally Depends on Your CreditsThe rule of thumb is that you must work five out of the last ten years to qualify for any Social Security benefits. But what gets the bigge... Read More »

Is a stroke victim eligible for social security disability?

On One Hand: Permanent Disability or NotStroke victims may be candidates for Social Security Disability, depending on the severity and the long-lasting effects from the stroke. The application proc... Read More »

Can a person stay on Social Security Disability for life?

Entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits requires a showing that the applicant has paid into the system for a sufficient period of time (provided by statute), plus a determination that he... Read More »