How to Start an Equine Boarding Business?

Answer If you have the right facilities and the proper experience, opening an equine boarding stable has the potential to be a lucrative investment. When owners do not have the space to keep their horses ... Read More »

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What do I need to start a dog-boarding business?

Boarding kennels provide a valuable service for many dog owners, who appreciate not having to worry about their dog's care when they travel. You can build a successful dog boarding business by prov... Read More »

How to Borrow Money to Start Your Own Boarding Kennel Business?

A boarding kennel business requires a substantial amount of start-up money - even for those who are not hiring employees. The cost of pet food, utilities, animal care products and adequate space to... Read More »

Equine Business Grants?

Finding funding to begin an equine business is difficult, and the likelihood of receiving a grant depends on the type of equine business you are running or starting up and whether your business is ... Read More »

Colleges With Equine Business Majors?

Students interested in careers on the business side of the horse industry may choose to pursue an equine business management degree, which provides training in the management skills necessary to ru... Read More »