How to Start a Trust Account?

Answer Every state has its own laws pertaining to trusts and in every state there are many different types of trusts that you can establish. However, the person who creates the trust, known as the grantor... Read More »

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Can an IRA go into a trust account?

According to the Wall Street Journal, IRA funds can be transferred to a trust, but they will be immediately subject to taxation. Alternatively, a trust can be named as a willed beneficiary of an IR... Read More »

What is a trust bank account?

A trust bank account is a checking, saving or other type of bank account that a trustee opens on behalf of a trust. The trust bank account might hold trust property or it might be an administrative... Read More »

What is a living trust account?

A living trust account is a bank account, stock brokerage account or other similar type of financial account that has been created by the trustee of a living trust to hold its money. In everyday li... Read More »

What is a bank trust account?

A bank trust account is a bank account that is owned by a trustee according to the terms of a legal trust. The bank account is considered trust property.GeneralA trust is a legal relationship invol... Read More »