How to Start a Style or Trend?

Answer Are you tired of just copying everybody, wearing something people have already seen, not stand out? Well then read on to find out how to break out of that circle.

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Ok, Which Trend Is Better Psy - Gangnam Style, Baauer - Harlem Shake or Kid Pheno - Hallway Swimming?

Hallway Swimming. End of subject, there's nothing else to talk about,

How to Start Following a Trend when You Don't Want To?

If, for some deluded reason, you feel compelled to join a trend even though it is not something you want to do, here is how you might be able to do it. But don't kid yourself too long - if it is so... Read More »

How to Start a Trend?

So you want to be a trend-setter? Go you!! Your enthusiasm and drive means you're already well on the way!There's always that person at school who can get away with anything they want, and most of ... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Trend?

You can't seem to fit in any trend. What do you do? Start a new one!