How to Start a Soy Oil Plant?

Answer The soybean plant, or Glycine max, is a legume that originates from East Asia and is in commercial cultivation throughout the world. The beans are an important source of protein and the oil is comm... Read More »

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How do I start another bamboo plant from existing plant?

Obtain CuttingCut a firm, green section of the 1- to 2-year-old bamboo stem (culm), with three nodes. Use a sharp knife to cut a notch in the middle of the internodes (stem between nodes) to expose... Read More »

How do I start a bamboo plant?

LocationPlant in a location that has loamy but moderately acidic soil and receives five hours of sunlight per day. Dig a hole as deep as the depth of the plant's original container and twice as wid... Read More »

How do I start plant seeds?

Start Plant SeedsFill containers with peat moss. Label each plant with ice cream sticks or other markers. Dampen the peat moss with a watering can or by ringing out a sponge. Plant large seeds one ... Read More »

How do i start an avocado plant?

Water PropagationStart a clean avocado seed in a glass of water. Fill a small, clear glass with water. Poke three toothpicks in the side of the seed. Use the toothpicks to suspend the avocado seed ... Read More »