How to Start a Record Label?

Answer A record label is basically a brand name connecting musicians to customers. Ideally, the label establishes a good enough reputation that when people see an artist or band signed by that particular ... Read More »

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What Do I Need to Start My Own Record Label?

There are a number of reasons to start your own record label. Artists who want to earn a living from their own music start record labels to avoid signing over their rights to a traditional company.... Read More »

How to Start a Record Label in Ohio?

Record labels are businesses that oversee the promotion and development of musical talent. Record labels are divided into two groups: major labels and independent labels. If you have a substantial... Read More »

How to Start a Record Label in Michigan?

A record label is a company that records, promotes and distributes music. A record label releases CDs to retail stores, MP3s to online venues, coordinates tours and shows for its artists and tracks... Read More »

How to Start a Gospel Record Label?

You have a group of talented musicians and now you are all ready to go but the big question on all your minds is how to start your own record label. You know that this is the way to launch your car... Read More »