How to Start a Model Ford A for the First Time?

Answer The Ford Model A, the first car created by the Ford Motor Co., uses a different starting technique than modern cars. Because these vehicles are more than 70 years old, they require special care and... Read More »

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How to Start a 1931 Ford Model for the First Time?

Starting a 1931 Ford Model A requires some simple, step-by-step procedures that will quickly become routine once you are familiar with the vehicle's operation. Before starting the engine, make cert... Read More »

How to Start a Model T Ford?

The Model T was Ford’s first successful attempt at making a car and, in fact, was one of the most popular cars manufactured at the time, with over 15 million produced from 1908 to 1927. The Model... Read More »

How to Start a 1931 Model A Ford?

The Ford Model A was manufactured from 1927 to 1931. Nearly 5 million Ford Model A vehicles were manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, along with six other Ford plants located in Canada, Germany, Irel... Read More »

How to Crank-Start a Model A Ford?

The Model A was Henry Ford's successor to the Model T. With the release of the Model A, Ford addressed safety concerns raised by the Model T. The Model A also had an electronic ignition switch, but... Read More »