How to Start a Lexus With No Key?

Answer While most vehicles utilize a programmed key that you insert in the ignition cylinder to start the car engine, a few Lexus models rely on other technology to start the car. The driver keeps a wirel... Read More »

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My Lexus GX470 Makes Clicking Sound & Won't Start?

All cars share a common design and the sound of clicking when you try to start your vehicle regularly plagues drivers. The clicking sound means that the starter is not getting enough power or you h... Read More »

How to Tell If a Lexus RX 330 Is AWD?

You might get your knees dirty trying to tell whether your Lexus RX 330 is all-wheel drive, but you can do it. There are only two ways the vehicle was manufactured: front-wheel drive or all-wheel d... Read More »

What does VSC mean for a Lexus GS?

With regards to the Lexus GS or any other type of vehicle, the term VSC refers to a Vehicle Service Contract. This is a type of extended warranty that covers parts and costs of labor that are assoc... Read More »

How to Buy a Lexus?

Lexus ISIf you're looking to buy a Lexus, this article is for you. Make your goal of owning a Lexus achievable.