How to Start a Cub Cadet 1028?

Answer The Cub Cadet 1028 snow blower can be started with either an electric or recoil start via the starter handle, although there are a number of pre-start alterations to the engine that are also necess... Read More »

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What is your cadet rank when you first start your training?

Navy ROTC is the Reserve Officers Training Corps. It teaches the basic skills to become a commissioned officer in the navy. Terminology, etiquette, formalities are taught. In addition there is s... Read More »

How Often Should You Charge the Battery on a Cub Cadet Mower With an Electric Start?

Electric-start lawn mowers – such as many Cub Cadet lawn mowers – use a lead-acid battery for starting power. Even when it is not being used actively, a lead-acid battery will lose the ability ... Read More »

If you are a cadet in an rotc program and join a military branch different than the one you were in rotc. does that affect what rank you start as after finishing college?

no you will always (out of rotc) start in any branch as a 2nd lieutenant

Cub Cadet RZT 50?

You could always try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, to reset it. That normally works for my jeep.