How to Start a Cold Nitro Car?

Answer Your nitro remote-control toy car is fueled by a combination of nitromethane, methanol, and oil to keep your car running and fast. Hobbyists and professional operators alike have experienced the fr... Read More »

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How to Start & Tune a Nitro Car?

Engine start-up and tuning for nitro-powered RC vehicles requires patience, time and practice. Every engine handles differently and factors such as nitro-to-fuel ratio, performance use and the temp... Read More »

How to Start up a Nitro RC Vehicle?

This will give detailed explanation on how to start up your nitro vehicle. It will explain how to correctly start up the engine for those who are new or whose who have forgotten.

How to Start an RC Nitro Engine?

Nitro engines used in remote controlled (RC) vehicles are internal combustion engines that burn a blend of nitro methane, methanol and oil. These engines generate immense power (sometimes up to 3 h... Read More »

What if your nitro RC car wont start?

Possibly, You have flooded your engine and you have to wait or you have a flat Glow Lighter. Or you'r actual Car batteries are dead!