How to Start a Car With the Charger Connected?

Answer Automotive batteries supply the power needed to start a car's engine. Most car batteries are lead-acid-based and cab be recharged by an alternator during the car's operation. If an alternator fails... Read More »

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How to Start a Car With a Battery Charger?

Starting your car with a battery charger is simple. The type or quality of the battery charger depends on you. Remember, you do not get prime rib for the price of a hamburger, so spend a little ext... Read More »

When I connect my phone to my wall charger it will say MTP Connected?

The charger is incorrectly signalling the USB lines that it is a charger. Your phone thinks it is a computer.

Can I start with just a center, 2 sides, and sub woofer connected to a 5.1 receiver, & add surrounds later?

Absolutely. The good thing about getting into home theater is that you can buy things one at a time so that you get what you want over time. But that way you can get some pretty nice equipment. ... Read More »

Computer slows down badly(without a huge CPU spike)or won't even properly start up with external HDD connected?

It sounds like your PC is trying to boot via USB first. You can change that in the BIOS when the PC first turns on. Depending on your BIOS, it might be hit F2 or DEL at boot. Read the prompts. Then... Read More »