How to Start a Car With the Charger Connected?

Answer Automotive batteries supply the power needed to start a car's engine. Most car batteries are lead-acid-based and cab be recharged by an alternator during the car's operation. If an alternator fails... Read More »

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When I connect my phone to my wall charger it will say MTP Connected?

The charger is incorrectly signalling the USB lines that it is a charger. Your phone thinks it is a computer.

Does leaving a phone charger plugged in take electricity even when not connected to your phone?

dont do that its a fire hazard!!! if you are not using the charger unplug it!

How to Start a Car With a Battery Charger?

Starting your car with a battery charger is simple. The type or quality of the battery charger depends on you. Remember, you do not get prime rib for the price of a hamburger, so spend a little ext... Read More »

How to Remote Start a Dodge Charger?

Remote starters have become a popular option on many cars. The feature is an aftermarket option at many dealerships, and can be installed at many repair and installation shops. Remote starters allo... Read More »