How to Start Yucca Lily Seeds?

Answer The mound-lily yucca (Yucca gloriosa) is also sometimes called Spanish dagger for it's knife-like foliage with pointed tips. This member of the agave family blooms in summer with fragrant flowers a... Read More »

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Can you plant lily seeds?

You can plant lily seeds to grow lilies. Lilies take two years to develop into a blossoming plant when planted by seed. Once the seed pod turns brown and starts to open, harvest the seeds. Plant th... Read More »

How do i plant tiger lily seeds?

Plant tiger lily seeds in early to late autumn for ideal growth and blooming. Plant seeds in an area that gets full sun and has quick-draining soil. Lilies enjoy moisture but do not do well in stan... Read More »

How do I propogate canna lily from seeds?

Grow SeedsAllow the blooms to stay on the plant and develop seeds. Harvest the seeds and store in a cool dry place for planting in January or February.Soak SeedsNick the seed coat in several place... Read More »

When do you plant canna lily seeds?

In tropical settings, canna lily bulbs can be planted at any time. In this climate they will grow year-round. In other areas, wait to plant canna lily bulbs until it is 55 degrees or warmer. Canna ... Read More »