How to Start Up a Rebuilt Motor?

Answer A newly rebuilt engine is often an extensive, time consuming project. To make sure your vehicle operates to its maximum capacity, you cannot fail to treat the new engine with care. Making sure all ... Read More »

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How To Break in a Rebuilt Chevy Motor?

After installing or rebuilding an engine, it must be broken in to seat the new piston compression rings to the cylinder walls. Proper break-in will maximize your engine's power output and minimize... Read More »

What Are the Reasons for Low Oil Pressure After a Motor Is Completely Rebuilt?

An engine that exhibits low oil pressure at an idle or higher rpm has excessive clearances in some part of the engine supplied with oil. The oil pump does not supply pressure as much as volume. Thi... Read More »

How to Start a Newly Rebuilt Engine?

Although the point at which you start a newly rebuilt engine may be one of the most exiting moments in your project, it is also a critical one. This is when you may find you forgot to tighten a hos... Read More »

How to Start a Carbureted, Electric Start Outboard Motor?

You turn the key, and the motor cranks and cranks but just won't run. Here is your cold start procedure.