How to Start Tomato Seeds in a Greenhouse?

Answer Tomatoes are the most popular greenhouse crop in the U.S., with more than 800 acres devoted to greenhouse tomatoes each year. Greenhouse gardening allows hobby gardeners to enjoy fresh tomatoes yea... Read More »

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When do you start seeds in a greenhouse I live in a zone 4?

depends on the type of seed you want, are you going to leave in greenhouse or plant outside. look on seed packet it will tell you most of the time.much of the time six to eight weeks before last fr... Read More »

How do I start tomato seeds inside?

Planting the SeedlingsPlant tomato seeds about 1/8 inch deep in seed starter soil or high-quality potting soil. An empty egg carton or small seed starter container with a lid will work well. Seeds ... Read More »

When can you start tomato seeds in Southern California?

Plant tomatoes between early March and late May when the temperature has been above 55 degrees F for two nights in a row. You'll start seeing ripened tomatoes in July or August. You can plant a sec... Read More »

How do I start tomato seeds in paper towels?

Placing the Tomato SeedsPlace one sheet of paper towel on a plate, saucer or flat surface. Lay five to eight tomato seeds in the center of the paper towel. Space the seeds 1 inch apart. Place anoth... Read More »