How to Start Scripting in mIRC?

Answer If you've been on IRC and you want to make a bot in mIRC but don't know how, this should help you get started.

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How to Use mIRC?

mIRC is short for "Microsoft Internet Relay Chat." People use mIRC as a shareware that allows real-time chat messaging via the Microsoft Internet relay chat client. Users can follow some simple ste... Read More »

How to Blacklist Someone on mIRC?

Users of mIRC--an Internet Relay Chat program for Microsoft Windows--communicate through text-based messages in large, free-wheeling chat rooms. Because some IRC users can be annoying or threatenin... Read More »

How to Remove the mIRC Virus?

MIRC is a trojan virus that affects Internet Relay Chat programs. If you do not have an Internet Relay Chat program on your computer, MIRC is relatively harmless. But if you have such a program on ... Read More »

Does Limewire install mIRC?

No. Limewire does not install or come with mIRC. mIRC is its own standalone relay chat program that is offered for free download on the mIRC website. It is possible to download mIRC through Limewir... Read More »