How to Start Lawn Sprinklers?

Answer While all lawn sprinklers are configured slightly differently, the procedure to start the system is usually the same. You can activate a sprinkler system manually or by using a control timer. Manua... Read More »

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How to Buy Lawn Sprinklers?

After you have put time, money, and energy into preparing and sowing your lawn, you will want to be sure you take care of it by fertilizing and watering the lawn as needed. You can always water you... Read More »

How do I adjust Orbit lawn sprinklers?

Adjusting the RadiusTurn the Orbit radius-adjustment screw, which is located on top of the sprinkler head near the spray opening. Turn the radius-adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the watering... Read More »

Crawling, Guided Lawn Sprinklers?

A traveling sprinkler sort of looks like a little tractor with two large wheels in the back and a small wheel in the front. The sprinkler moves across the lawn along a regular water hose which prop... Read More »

How do I adjust the distance of the spray of my lawn sprinklers?

Rotor SprinklersGrasp the top of a sprinkler, and turn it clockwise until a click is heard. With a small flat-head screwdriver, adjust the nozzle screw counter-clockwise to increase the spray dista... Read More »