How to Stand in Tanning Booths?

Answer Stand-up tanning booths are a popular choice among tanners. Standing in a booth instead of lying on a bed generally creates a more even tan, and many tanning booths have stronger light bulbs, which... Read More »

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How to Safely Use Tanning Booths?

You must operate a tanning booth safely so you can extend the life of the equipment, along with your tan. Tanning booths require regular maintenance. Professional tanning salons maintain the beds a... Read More »

How Do Tanning Booths Work?

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Are Tanning Booths Harmful?

Many young men and women use tanning booths during the winter months so they can maintain a year-round tan. However, there is controversy surrounding the harmful effects of tanning booths. Medical ... Read More »

The Effects of Spray Tanning Booths?

In today's health-conscious culture, the spray tan has become a popular way to achieve bronzed skin without the negative effects of traditional sun exposure. One of the most common ways to obtain t... Read More »