How to Stage Your Property Brochure?

Answer You can give potential buyers a better sense of your property if you stage your property before you take promotional pictures. A property brochure is often complemented with pictures of the propert... Read More »

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Your sister is in first stage labour and you want to know how to get her to the next stage can someone please help us?

Answer You didn't give us much information.  Is this a home birth?  If so and she is not dialating enough then phone the ambulance and you don't have one close by get her to a hospital or at leas... Read More »

Is your property management co allowed to make semi annual inspections of your rental property?

Yes, if it says so on the lease. Normally these inspections are in the form of "preventive maintenance," meaning they're inspecting the plumbing, air conditioning, and for pests. They have the righ... Read More »

Can a property management company refuse to show a property until they run your credit?

From my experience The Village at Lovejoy Fountain at 245 SW Lincoln Street is the best property management company in Portland Oregon. Their number is (503) 223-5314. I recently moved out of the... Read More »

Can a property management company put a lien on your property?

If there is no agreement between the landowner and the property manager that gives the property manager authority to sign in the name of the landowner, and no request for permission to do so, then ... Read More »