How to Square Numbers in Your Head?

Answer Almost everyone owns a mobile phone with a calculator function in 2011, which makes multiplication a breeze. However, if you are want to get mental exercise, build memory power or want to impress y... Read More »

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How to Square Numbers in the Fifties in Your Head?

This is a handy maths trick for squaring any number in the fifties without a calculator.

How to Square Numbers Ending 5 in Your Head?

Squaring large numbers can be a huge chore. Even worse, you might not be allowed to use a calculator!Well, you can save time by squaring numbers ending in 5 (i.e. the number 5 in the ones place) an... Read More »

How to Square Numbers Ending in 5?

Find out the square of any number ending in "5" such as 15,25,35 etc... in two easy steps.

How to Square Two Digit Numbers That End with Five?

This is a neat math trick. However it only works with two digit numbers whose ones digit is 5.