How to Square Numbers in Your Head?

Answer Almost everyone owns a mobile phone with a calculator function in 2011, which makes multiplication a breeze. However, if you are want to get mental exercise, build memory power or want to impress y... Read More »

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How to Square Numbers in the Fifties in Your Head?

This is a handy maths trick for squaring any number in the fifties without a calculator.

How to Square Numbers Ending 5 in Your Head?

Squaring large numbers can be a huge chore. Even worse, you might not be allowed to use a calculator!Well, you can save time by squaring numbers ending in 5 (i.e. the number 5 in the ones place) an... Read More »

How to Add a Consecutive Series of Numbers in Your Head?

The ability to quickly add a long string of consecutive numbers in your head is a real party show-stopper! Imagine being at a party, and being able to quickly and accurately add all the numbers fro... Read More »

How to Subtract Numbers in Your Head When Regrouping is Needed?

Knowing how to subtract numbers in your head can be very helpful, especially in tests where you may not have the time to write the problem down. Read on to find out how to mentally subtract numbers... Read More »