How to Sprout an Avocado?

Answer Once known as an alligator pear, the avocado, which probably originated in Mexico, is now grown commercially throughout the warmer climates of the United States. Avocados are regularly used a food ... Read More »

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How do you sprout an avocado seed in water?

1. clean the seed and dry for about two days.(sunny window works well)2. after outside of seed is dry, place four tooth picks in center aboout 1/2 inch deep across from each other.( the center is B... Read More »

All my avocado trees fail. When I bought my home I was told it was built on a huge avocado grove.?

PHYTOPHTHORA cinnamoma (AVOCADO ROOT ROT)stop wasting your time & money. dig out & toss 'um. they will not recover & no avocado tree will ever grow in that soil. Many of the old original avocad... Read More »

How do I grow an avocado tree from an avocado seed?

Yes, the seed from a supermarket avocado will sprout and grow. I have one about 4 feet tall right now. The point end goes down. Put toothpicks about a third of the way down the seed in a glass o... Read More »

Can you grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit?

Avocado trees can be started from an avocado pit skewered on toothpicks. Immerse it halfway in water until 3 inches of roots grow and the pit sprouts. Transplant the seedling into potting soil. In ... Read More »