How to Spread My Mixtape?

Answer Mixtapes are demos that aspiring musicians -- most often rappers -- make to show off their talent. Because many are produced on a shoestring budget, mixtapes are often inexpensively produced voice-... Read More »

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I need help with a mixtape name.?

Share My PaynePayne RisingLife And PayneWrenching PayneThe Payne of DisciplineTake Your PayneIntense Payne

How to Make a Mixtape?

Mixtapes are a fantastic way to express how you feel to somebody, especially these days where everything is fleeting, intangible and fake.Many make them for somebody special, like a girlfriend/boyf... Read More »

How to Release a Mixtape?

Mixtapes are a tool for emergent artists to promote their music. Mixtapes are usually CDs or digital downloads, but their quality tends to be much lower than a typical album release would be. A com... Read More »

What six songs should I put on my mixtape?

It'd be easier to choose if we could hear them.Yeah but that means we'd be only voting on what the title is, and what we assume it'd be about, or what it'd sound like. You know?