How to Spray Velocity Yellow Tint Coat Paint?

Answer When touching up the surface of your vehicle's paint job, you may choose to use spray paint. However, not just any spray paint will do. Use the kind that is made specifically for motor vehicles. Ad... Read More »

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How to Spray the Base Coat for Clear Coat Paint?

When painting cars, it is common to spray on a colored base coat and follow with a protective clear-coat. This makes it possible to buff the surface coat without damage to the color. This is a tech... Read More »

How to Paint a Spray Clear Coat?

A clear coat is a protective finish that is applied on top of a stained or painted surface to protect the underlying paint. A clear coat can be applied to almost any type of material including wood... Read More »

How do I paint a spray clear coat?

PreparationFill the cup of a compressed air spray gun with clear coat material and test the spray pattern on a scrap piece of wood or metal. Tighten or loosen the nozzle to control the volume of th... Read More »

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