How to Spray Paint Plastic Trim on a Car?

Answer Many cars have plastic trim that comes from the factory black. On black or dark-colored cars it isn't a problem, but if your car is silver or white, the black really stands out. The plastic materia... Read More »

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How to Paint Plastic Trim?

Painting trim can often seem like a time consuming chore that has little effect. It does, however, provide several advantages. Paint, even if it's white paint over top of white trim, can significan... Read More »

Can i spray paint plastic?

You can use spray paint on plastic surfaces. You need to use a specially formulated type of spray paint that adheres to plastic for a smooth, even finish. You'll find spray paint for plastic surfac... Read More »

How to Spray Paint Plastic?

It is now possible to spray paint plastic. New spray paints are on the market that will adhere to plastic. It only takes a little preparation, and you can effectively spray paint plastic furniture,... Read More »

How do you get spray paint off coated plastic eyeglasses?

I don't know how much paint is on the actual lenses or frames but if just spots you're in luck. What you need to use is liquid ammonia (be careful however this stuff is toxic). Then get a rag of so... Read More »