How to Spray Paint Electronic Goods?

Answer Next time, buy the neon-yellow Ninendo Wii, or the bright-pink DVD player if it is on sale, because you can always spray-paint it. Spray-painting electronic goods customizes them to the owner's cho... Read More »

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How paint chain link fence Is sand-blasting rust practical What kind of paint primer to use on rusted areas Is it better to spray or use a roller How do I control over-spray Thanks Big Kahuna?

What is the law in switzerland about returning electronic goods to shops?

"do i have any legal rights to demand a refund?"Simple answer: NO. Everything which has been offered to you is a friendly concession of the dealer. Take it or leave it ;-)

How do you spray paint on metal, so that the paint wont fall of any suggestions ?

most golf clubs are clear coated, so you're gonna want to take some steel wool or sand paper in a high grit like 220 and sand it down. then pick up paint specifically made for metals and give it a ... Read More »

I have a wooden vanity I want to paint, can I use spray paint?

Hi there! Sounds like your going to have a project to do. You do not need to remove the varnish or existing paint. What you do need to do is, if there is paint peeling then scrape those areas. Th... Read More »