How to Spot an Antique Ring?

Answer Scouring the Earth for an exquisite antique ring can be a tedious task that tests even the most patient collector. Knowledge of the craftsmanship attached to an antique ring is probably the best we... Read More »

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How to Purchase an Antique Engagement Ring?

Buying an antique engagement ring instead of a new ring is a special way to propose marriage to your special someone. Some brides prefer an antique ring with some history and character, as opposed ... Read More »

Can I remove scratches from my antique glass ring?

Depending on how deep the scratches are on your ring, you can use jewelers' rouge to buff them out of the glass. Mix 1 oz. of jewelers' rouge with 1 oz. glycerin and 1 oz. water. Use a soft cloth t... Read More »

What would cause a red ring around the spot of an insect bite?

I'm re-answering this question once more, as the number and variety of comments was surprising (which is cool) and in many cases wrong (which is not).As far as I can tell, I can't find an answer to... Read More »

Spot with whitish/red middle with little bit of a raise ring around it?

If you are really sure that it is not a ringworm then maybe it is some other skin disease.