How to Spot a Fake Larimar?

Answer Larimar is a semiprecious stone that most closely resembles turquoise and comes from the Dominican Republic. Discovered in the 1970s, it has a variable hardness of 5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The Dom... Read More »

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How to Spot a Fake I.D?

Driver's licenses are becoming ever easier to forge, so they are becoming more common and more accurate.Don't fall for a fake ID. If you sell alcohol to underage customers, you can lose your barten... Read More »

How to Spot Fake Nikes?

Nike shoes are popular items for counterfeiters to reproduce. They then sell them to unsuspecting buyers who are left with an inferior, illegal product. To protect yourself from getting involved in... Read More »

How do I spot a fake Goyard?

Goyard LogoInspect the Goyard logo closely. Original Goyard bags are hand painted with the letter V, juxtaposed to form a Y. The chevron pattern, which has been used since 1892, has a three-dimensi... Read More »

How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag?

Because Prada bags are so expensive, plenty of people sell fake versions of them. You can tell if a bag is fake in several ways. Examining a bag closely will reveal whether the bag is a Prada or a ... Read More »