How to Spot a Condenser Problem on 12-volt Ignition?

Answer Condensers are used on breaker point ignition systems to protect the point contacts from arcing as they open. The condenser absorbs electrical energy and stores it until after the points open. The ... Read More »

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How to Test a 12-Volt Condenser?

A 12-volt condenser is part of an automotive ignition system. The battery provides power to the primary side of the ignition coil, which in turn produces high voltages across the secondary windings... Read More »

Can I Use a 12-Volt Battery on 6-Volt Ignition System?

Six-volt ignition systems used to be commonplace in automobiles until the 1950s. Detroit's use of the V8 engine and larger displacement six-cylinder engines required 12-volt systems. Some small law... Read More »

I have 1.2 volt battery with 2500 mAh. Can i run two 1-Volt Motors with 500mAh without Problem?

Motors are rated in mA or A, not mAh. If the battery has a low internal resistance, it can run two 500 mA motors up to 2 1/2 hours.

How to Replace a Ford Point & Condenser Ignition System?

Whereas modern Fords feature an electronic ignition system, older Fords relied on a mechanical breaker points and condenser ignition system. While an engine’s “timing” determines when a spark... Read More »