How to Split the Middle Term?

Answer Splitting the middle term is an effective method for factoring polynomials with a leading coefficient other than 1. The guess-and-check method, which involves finding two numbers that multiply to m... Read More »

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What does the financial term stock split mean?

The financial term stock split refers to when a company increases its number of outstanding shares of stock, while maintaining the proportionate equity of each shareholder by decreasing the stock's... Read More »

Back of knee hurts while doing middle split?

My mattress is sagging in the middle, could my split box spring be causing this?

It should still be under warranty, contact Serta. If it sags more than one inch, they should replace it. I assume you bought the mattress and box springs together. If not, it voids the warranty.... Read More »

What long term bad effects could you get from pulling a tooth that is in the middle of your jaw?

Answer Any time you have a tooth extracted you need to consider what it will do to the rest of your mouth. In the case of having a tooth pulled in the very back of your mouth, it's not usually a h... Read More »